Profile and pattern of growth of hotels in Gurgaon

What are the primary considerations for the location of hotels at any place? Quite naturally, since hotels are places where the people would like to stay during the course of their travel, the first important criterion is that the place shall be receiving a reasonably good number of tourists or travelers who would be looking for accommodation and place to dine. The determination of the profile of hotels will depend on the profile of the area population or traveler profile. Let us take an example of hotels in Gurgaon as an example of how profile of a place determines the profile of hotels that are to come up.

Gurgaon has been established as a hub of IT and ITES and automotive sector and has become of the prime working locations for people in the NCR region. Proximity to International airport at Delhi ensures it is located at the most opportune place to ensure hassles-free commutation to travelers coming to Delhi. Over a period of time, the need as been felt for the setting up of different types of hotels in the city as the traveler profiles have become more diversified. If we look at inventories of one of the largest aggregators of hotels in India,, you will find that there are close to 110 starred Gurgaon hotels besides the cheap and budget category hotels whose number is close to 110 as well. So, a total of about 220 odd hotels of varied profiles have come up during the past two decades of development of this city, which is a phenomenal pace of growth by any standards. Out of the starred hotels, there are close to 10 five star rated accommodation spaced providing ultimate luxury experience to the tourists.

Let us have a look at the pattern of spread of these spaces in Gurgaon. These have come up close to the major shopping malls, prime residential areas, main institutional and office areas and along the transportation hubs including the metro rail stations, national and state highways and other convenient approach roads to major tourist attractions of the city. Due to even spread across different parts of the city, these can be found easily.

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