What To Do With Flight Tickets When Weather Plays Spoilsport?

When you book the flight tickets in advance, you never know what might prevent you from taking the journey at that time or day. This is particularly true of the unpredictable weather conditions that might develop at that time leading to inoperability of the scheduled flights. In this scenarios, the airlines might provide you a range of options which would make it possible to make good the money that you have spent either by undertaking the journey on some other  day or time or by getting something of value in return or by even getting the refunds. Some of these options were provided by the United Airlines to its customers in the wake of the winter storm which lashed the parts of north-eastern and central America. These are worth noting as these describe how airlines can provide the customers with a range of options in these situations. The airline, such as United, might not adopt a uniform policy and might alter the policy depending on the extent to which different airports are affected by adverse weather conditions.


This is the first option which most of the carriers would give you. If you are flexible with your time and date of travel, then you can opt to reschedule the flights to some other day or time or both. You must check carefully whether rescheduling permits you to travel on some different date only or on different time as well. There can also be a restriction on the travel date by which the travel must happen and the fees for these changes are generally waived on these air tickets.

Travel or Shopping Vouchers

One of the options which the carriers might provide are the travel or shopping vouchers of the same amount. The problem with this method is that the people may not be very inclined to accept these since it might not fit into their future plans or it might not be a very appealing proposition. United has stayed away from using this method.


If the customers do not want to have any alternative recourse, then there is no option for the carrier but to refund the money back to customer.

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