Cheap international flights of Indigo Airlines: Destinations and Schedules

India’s premier low cost airline, IndiGo Airlines, operates the international flights to select destinations of the neighboring countries. It currently operates flights to 28 domestic cities and to 5 international destinations-Dubai, Muscat, Singapore, Kathmandu and Bangkok. Here is a list of all the countries to which it operates the flights and at what times of the day.

  1. Dubai: Indigo operates flights to Dubai from the five destinations in India, namely Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kochi.
    1. Delhi-Dubai flights: There are two Delhi to Dubai daily flights, 6E 23 and 6E21 with respective departure/arrival time of 2:35AM/4:35AM and 5:20PM/7:25PM. The daily returning flights from Dubai to Delhi, 6E 24 and 6E 22, have departure/arrival time of 4:45PM/9:50PM and 10:20PM/3:10AM+1 respectively.
    2. Chennai-Dubai flights: There is only one daily flight from Chennai to Dubai, 6E 65, with departure/arrival time of 7:30 AM/10:30 AM. The return Dubai-Chennai flight, 6E 66, has departure/arrival time of 10:20PM/4:50PM+1.
    3. Mumbai-Dubai Flights: IndiGo operates two daily flights from Mumbai to Delhi and vice versa. From Mumbai, flights 6E 63 and 6E 61 depart/arrive at 8:35AM/10:25AM and 6:35PM/8:25PM respectively. From Dubai, flights 6E 64 and 6E 62 depart/arrive at 11:25 AM/3:55PM and 8:25PM/01:10AM+1.
    4. Hyderabad-Dubai flights: There is only one daily flight, 6E 26, from Hyderabad to Dubai which operates at 1:20PM/3:45PM arrival/departure times and the daily return flight from Dubai to Hyderabad, 6E 25, is operated at 5:35PM/11:05PM departure/arrival times.
    5. Kochi-Dubai Flights: The daily flight from Kochi to Dubai (6E 67) and the return flight (6E 68) operate at 6:30PM/9:10PM and 11:10PM/4:45AM+1 respectively.
    6. Trivandrum-Dubai Flights:This is a new daily flight, 6E 38, to be introduced with effect from 1 March, 2013. It will fly from Dubai at 11:30 AM and arrive at Trivandrum at 5:15PM. Similarly, the return flight 6E 37 will depart/arrive at 6:20 PM and 9:15 PM respectively.
  2. Muscat: IndiGo operates only one flight from Mumbai to Muscat on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please note that this is not a daily flight. In fact, Mumbai is the only destination from which IndiGo connects Muscat. Its flight no 6E 81 connects Mumbai with Muscat and the departure/arrival times are 9:25PM/10:45PM. The return flight from Muscat to Mumbai is operated on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 12:05AM/4:15AM arrival/departure time.
  3. Singapore: IndiGo was operating international flights to Singapore from two Indian cities, Mumbai and Chennai. However, with effect from 28 February, 2013, the Mumbai and Chennai flights to Singapore will not be operated.

    A.Mumbai-Singapore flights: The daily flight in operation till 28 February, 2013 will be departing/arriving at 8:45AM/4:50PM. The daily returning flight departs/arrives at 4:40PM/7:45PM.

B. Chennai-Singapore flights: With effect from 1 March, 2013, flight no. 6E 53 will depart Chennai on daily basis at 10:00PM and arrive in Singapore at 4:50AM+1. The return daily flight from Singapore to Chennai, 6E 54, will depart at 5:50PM to arrive Chennai at 7:15PM.

C. Delhi-Singapore flights: The daily IndiGo flight 6E 11 from Delhi to Singapore departs at 6:55AM in morning to arrive at 3:20 PM in afternoon and the returning flight 6E 12 departs from Singapore at 5:50PM and arrives Delhi at 9:05PM. This schedule will remain effective till 28 February, 2013 after which these cheap international flights will discontinue.

4. Kathmandu: Kathmandu is connected only with Delhi. The Delhi-Kathmandu flight of IndiGo airline, 6E 32, is operated on daily basis at departure time of 2:00PM and arrival time of 3:45 PM. The return Kathmandu-Delhi flight has departure/arrival time of 10:55Am/1:00PM.

5. Bangkok: Three Indian cities, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, served by IndiGo are connected with flights to Bangkok. Out of these, the flights from Mumbai are likely to be scrapped from 28 February, 2013.

a.    Delhi-Bangkok flights: As Bangkok is a popular travel destination, there are two daily flights from Delhi to Bangkok. One, 6E 41, with departure/arrival time of 5:35AM/11:20AM and the other, 6E 43, with respective time of 6:25PM/12:10AM+1. Similarly, there are two return flights, 6E 44 and 6E 42 with respective departure/arrival time of 1:10AM/4:10PM and 12:35PM/3:35PM.

b.    Kolkata-Bangkok flights: There is a daily flight from Kolkata to Bangkok, 6E 77, departing at 9:40PM and arriving at 1:55AM+1 and a return flight from Bangkok to Kolkata, 6E 78, with departure and arrival times of 2:55AM and 4:00AM respectively.

c.    Mumbai-Bangkok flights: Till 28 February, 2013, the Mumbai-Bangkok flight will depart from Mumbai at 6:35AM and arrive at 12:35AM while the return flight will depart Bangkok at 1:35PM to arrive at Mumbai at 4:50PM. The flight will be discontinued after 28 February, 2013.

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