More Flight Booking Options For Passengers as Malaysia Airlines joins Oneworld

The latest airline to become a member of one of the world’s three largest airline alliances, the Oneworld Alliance, Malaysia Airlines has added yet another feather to its cap. The Alliance was founded by American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Canadian Airlines and Qantas in the year 1999 and Malaysia Airlines is the 12th member of this alliance. With this joining, the airline will be in a position to extend its reach as well to provide its passengers with better connectivity options as well as give them more benefits under the frequent flier programs. The Malaysian passengers will get to buy the best deal flight tickets for more destinations in Asia and elsewhere and the fliers on other carriers of the alliance will also get a deeper reach in the South-East Asian market.

With this official induction as a new member of the Alliance, Malaysia will have 16 more destinations added to a route map, along with one country, Brunei. With this induction all the benefits of being a part of the grouping will flow to the passengers of Malaysia as well. They would not only be able to do flight booking on more sectors but also be able to get the benefits of frequent flier program and its redemption while flying on the alliance carriers. The grouping will get the benefit of reaching out to about 842 destinations in 156 countries, up from about 146 countries in July 2011.

The Oneworld Alliance members will also get one more base at Kuala Lumpur to connect with the cities of the region. The only previous base is in the region is of Hong Kong, which is the hub of Cathay Pacific that is one of the founding members of the alliance.

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