Sharklets on IndiGo Planes to Reduce Fuel Consumption

The new thing happening at IndiGo Airlines is the installation of the Sharklet device on its A320s. IndiGo operates the Airbus family of single aisle A320s only and currently has about 62 operating airplanes. In addition to these, there is an order of 280 A320s out of which 130 are of fuel efficient A320neo variants. IndiGo has opted for the installation of Sharklet devices on its current fleet of the A320s which will enable it to further economize on the fuel consumption by about 4 percent on long route domestic and international flights.

IndiGo has always banked on efficient operations and a no-frills service to customer, focusing on providing basic minimum set of services to the customers that they care for the most such as punctuality of operation and cheap flights. This strategy has made it the market leader in terms of market share. By installing the Sharklet wing tip devices on the airplanes which it currently operates and till the time A320neos begin to arrive, it reinforces its commitment to do everything possible to save on fuel and bring further economy to operations. These devices help in improving the aerodynamics of the airplane which enables it to save on fuel on long routes.

This investment is a crucial part of the strategy to remain in the niche segment of LCC operations and to increase the profitability of operations which the other airlines are finding difficult to do. With better management-employee relations and least operational problems, this measure with help it further strengthen its position in the market.

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