Soft Air Tickets Still A Security Concern

When there is a movement to take the aviation to a new age where the passengers will face the least hurdles in boarding their planes and where aviation will contribute significantly to the cause of greener planet earth by cutting down on emissions and eliminating the use of paper to a great extent, India’s security concerns are desisting the airlines from adopting the paper-less forms of ticketing. It is noteworthy that, on the lines of the rail tickets, the airline industry was also given the go ahead in using the soft forms of flight tickets on their mobiles for boarding the plane, obviating the need for them to have the paper tickets or the boarding passes. Even the security agencies gave their approval to use this system. However, there are some concerns of the agencies which need to be addressed before this system becomes practically viable to operate.

One of these concerns is related to the loss of mobile, which is quite a frequent happening at the airports after the check-in stage and before a person is to board a plane. Since the person might not be having a mobile due to it being lost, the airline staff, who are normally in charge of checking the boarding passes, might deny the passenger to board the plane. For this reason, the BCAS still mandates that the passengers go to the airline counters to collect their paper boarding passes.

Another concern is related to the swapping of the phones, especially because these phones are required to be kept in a kiosk that reads the bar code of the air tickets and there are good chances that the phones of same model get exchanged.

These types of operational security concerns are required to be addressed before giving any final shape to the procedures to be followed at the terminals for passing the various checks and boarding the planes. 

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