DGCA Reports On The Complaints Metrics Of Indian Carriers

This is one metrics which the airlines and the prospective passengers will be looking down quite seriously since it is a report of their performance and a measure of the extent of customer satisfaction achieved by the airlines. The Indian aviation regulator, the DGCA has come up with a recent report on the number of complaints received against the domestic airlines. When this metrics is viewed in the light of the market share held by the airline, then the true picture of the level of customer satisfaction can be gauged. Here are some interesting facts related to this report:

Indigo Airline, the LCC providing cheap air tickets and holding the largest market share, has least number of complaints against it while the government owned Air India has most complaints. These complaints are calculated per 1000 of passengers carried. Air India has 2 complaints per 1000 whereas Indigo has 1.1.  Second on the chart is Jet Airways which holds fourth largest market share in the domestic flights market whereas the SpiceJet is the third ranking airline in terms of the largest number of complaints received. It is also the third largest market share holder after Indigo and Air India.

The report is another pointer on the efficient cheap flights operations of Indigo which, despite having higher market share than Air India, has the least number of complaints against it. This also shows that it enjoys the highest level of trust from the passengers. This further proves that the strategy of airline to maintain a no-frill approach, highest levels of efficiency and providing top quality customer services all through these years has proved to be successful.

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