Airplanes to Become The Flying Vegas and Macaus

At a time when the airlines are seeking to find new ways to increase the ancillary revenue, there is much scope in the entertainment provisions provided on the airplanes. The present day customers on the long-haul flights can take to meals, video games or movies, internet or sleep. There is renewed vigor to enable gambling in the airplanes in a separate space designed specifically for this purpose. The concept is not new and has been in air for some decades now. In fact, the Singapore Airlines provided two slot machines on its international flights for gambling purposes for a few months. Some other airlines have also been toying with this idea but never mustered enough courage to take it forward.

The concept of gambling on airplanes is sought to be incorporated on the long haul cheap international flights where there is a lot of time to spare. The gambling on planes has been seen as a major potential source of earning ancillary revenues. The concept is basically centered on providing not just another option of popular entertainment but also as another way to socialize with the people in the flight.

However, before giving the flight to this idea, the airlines will have take consideration of the ethical issues and safety concerns of the flights. Further, with internet already available on the cheap flights, there will be a need to ascertain the efficacy of this measure in the wake of the fact that the people can take to online gambling on their mobiles. Despite certain reservations, it is expected that the gambling will be approved on the airplanes and it will become as common as any other entertainment service for the passengers.

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