Air Traffic Boom By 2016: Reports IATA

IATA, the chief world body which provides total regulatory backbone for the world aviations and ensures that the standards of aviation are maintained by the countries, has come up with a report that showcases that the projected passenger growth in aviation will grow to 3.6 billion by 2016. This increase in the traffic is based on an estimate of having a 5 percent growth every year. In absolute terms this means that 800 million new passengers will be flying in the next four years. This increase will be total of passengers flying on domestic or cheap international flights, or on the full-service and LCC carriers. So, there will surely be a range of operational measures taken to ensure that this passenger rush is dealt with suitably avoiding chaotic situations.

While the forthcoming years will see an increase in the development of new airports, there will also be augmentation of the airports to deal with the new high capacities, bigger lounges, more terminals, more counters at airports and better security measures to ensure that flight safety is not compromised. At the same time, there will also be a requirement of effecting changes in the routine procedures to ensure that the people are able to board the plane without any hassles, despite the increased number of passengers. One of the most important procedural changes would be to provide all the information related to your flight travel well in advance so that the pre-scanning of all the passengers is done after they complete the flight booking.

In order to leverage this passenger traffic increase further, there is a need for use of more efficient instruments and technological inputs. So, the operations research will need to take into account the new systems which are fast in working so that a highly efficient operational work flow can be achieved.

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