Average Age of the Airline Fleet is a Pointer to The Safety Levels

For doing the flight booking on the airlines, the cheapest air tickets for travel are the most sought after ones. The low-price tickets are preferred the most by the airlines since these mean really savings of money. But, the experts point out that this shall not be the exclusive criteria for the selection of tickets and attention shall be paid to other parameters like the services being offered in that price of tickets. This is important when you want certain services to be offered mandatorily.

Besides these considerations which are rather obvious, there is a need for checking the on-time performance of the airline. For the business or vacation travelers, arriving to the destination or departing from a particular destination on-time is one of the main considerations as it saves them the time and enables them to keep the date with their important appointments. So, this criterion becomes important for them for selecting the right airline and flight for their travel plans.

At the same time, there might also be a need to know the exact age of the fleet. This is one parameter which is most commonly missed while searching for the cheapest air tickets while flight booking. Quite understandably, this is not something which would cross the mind easily but there is a direct relation of the average age of the fleet with the safety of air travel. While it is true that the airplanes are subject to different levels of checks and the maintenance and repair operations are regularly done for maintaining the air worthiness of the airplanes, it is also a fact that the higher average age of airlines increases the safety concerns.

Higher average age also indicates that the airline has not acquired new aircraft for replacing its aging fleet for a long time. This would also mean that the airplanes are being operated with the relatively older technologies since there could be limitations to which the technological upgrading can be done in the old planes.

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