Online marketing of special cheap flights offers

Online marketing comprises of many different types of marketing on the web. These include the email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. Each of these marketing methods has its own utility since these are aimed at audience using the different web platforms. For most of the online companies, the creation of the most appropriate online marketing mixes holds the key to their business. Online travel industry, offering the travel products such as hotels, flights, vacation packages, cabs on rent and travel insurance online, makes use of marketing on this platform for this purpose. It is also an industry which has many offers to provide from time to time. So, when there is a special offer of cheap flights, for a limited time period, it needs to be marketed quickly across the different markets using the online channels. Some of the online marketing methods are quite suitable for making an immediate reach to the people. These are:

Google Adwords (PPC)

For the search engine marketing, the Google Adwords is one method where you can quickly launch the paid ad campaign across the different display and search engine networks.


Facebook can also be used for marketing, both by way of paid and free channels. When you already have sizeable number of likes, you might not want to spend money and would instead post the banner ad on your business page so that it reaches the people who have liked you. However, if you are not having a sizeable number of likes, then you can take the offer to the Facebook audience by using the paid ad campaigns. It is essentially similar to the Google Adwords but a little more expensive.


The offer of the cheap air tickets can also be communicated by sending the direct email to the existing list of customers. The companies do maintain the database of their clients and use their email IDs to send the information about the offer, directly to their inboxes.


Classifieds can also be used for advertising the special schemes and offers. These are the web resources which are meant for spreading the information on what all products and services are on offer for sale.

Banner Ads on Affiliates

You can also make use of the banner advertisements on the web resources of affiliates for quickly spreading the word around about the offer.

These marketing channels are ones which can be used for spreading the word around quickly and gaining quick visibility. Some other methods of online marketing such as the search engine optimization are not meant to be used for this purpose.

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