Jet down, IndiGo up in the list of fastest growing airlines

Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA), the international organization focusing on the Asian aviation markets, has compiled the list of top airlines of the world, in terms of the growth which they have witnessed in the last year. This growth has been assessed in terms of the growth in the added capacity. This report has been a mixed bag for the Indian airlines as IndiGo is shown to be one of the fastest growing LCC airlines in the world whereas the Jet Airways is has slipped in ranks from the previous year.

Banking upon the cheap air tickets which the IndiGo Airline offers to the customers, essentially on the domestic routes as well as the cheap international flights to some select destinations, the capacity growth of the airline has been the second highest among all LCCs. Interestingly, Indonesia’s Lion Air is also placed at the second position along with the IndiGo airlines, with 34.6 percent capacity addition. The first position is taken by Spanish LCC Vueling Airline with a 40 percent addition of capacity.
While the IndiGo has been performing well on adding capacity by operating new routes, the Jet Airways has been cutting down its capacity addition by withdrawing from flying select cheap international flights. The result has been slip in ranks of Jet Airways. The capacity reduction of Jet has been almost 11 percent. As per the approved winter schedule of flights, Jet reduced the number of flights from 2905 to 2505 in year ending 2011 whereas IndiGo airlines increased it from 1879 to 2447.
United, Delta and Emirates take the top three positions. Despite faring well in the LCC category, the IndiGo is still not in the biggest 50 airlines of the world.

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