Debating Internet on Airplanes: Points in Favor and Against

Some airlines want to have this on their planes. Some airlines do not want these at all. Some passengers would love to have access to this while some others just cannot stand this idea at all. This is all about the debate on the use of internet on the airplanes. Some of the US airlines applied to the FCC to get the permission for allowing use of internet on the airplane and FCC did give its nod but with certain limitations and conditions. So, what makes the use of internet on the flights advantages for some and disadvantageous for some others?

The most obvious benefits are for the people to remain connected to their near and dear ones, being able to spend time while in flight by surfing the net and even keep in touch with their business requirements. This means that the people have more options at hand and would be able to spend their time in the flight using internet rather than using the other media of entertainment.

However, there are many concerns of allowing the internet on domestic or international flights. The first is the most obvious security concern. While it is possible to keep track of the internet usage, the security threats from the real-time communication while in the flight, if that is allowed, might pose a problem. At the same time, the people on who have bought the flight tickets of night and would prefer to sleep might find internet use by the fellow passengers quite disturbing. At the same time, it also a matter of debate as to which all devices shall be allowed for the use of internet. Cell phones have not even been considered by the FCC so internet access on the mobile devices will remain blocked.

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