40 Air India Pilots Declared Unfit to Fly, International Flights Affected

It has been one of the main concerns of the Indian aviation sector that due to the shortage of pilots, the existing ones are made to work for long hours, tiring them endlessly and also jeopardizing the safety of the passengers. It has often been voiced that the staff shortage, chiefly of the pilots, has not been made good increasing the levels of fatigue on operating pilots. However, the aviation regulator, the DGCA, has taken the stride and declared 40 pilots unfit to fly in their current state of health and has advised them rest for four to eight weeks. Some of them also reported sick, arguable due to the increase fatigue levels but this is not resorted to many other pilots since the pay is cut if they report sick. Taking note of the gravity of situation, the DGCA has taken this step of putting the pilots on rest.

The move is expected to affect the international flights severely since it is the peak demand season and people do fly on international routes during this part of the year. There is likely to be repetition of the cycle of delays and cancellations on various sectors till the time the government is able to find the new pilots and assign them the duties. Experts are of the view that this is a good measure and there is no shortage of the alternative personnel to fill the gaps. However, the plight of passengers is unmistakable as the airline management could have managed the situation without any problems on operational front.

With foggy conditions already expected to cause the flight delays and cancellation, this untimely move of the DGCA will put the international flights on a tailspin, causing much annoyance to the people who have bought the cheap international flights tickets well in advance.

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