Capitals connection: Delhi-Dhaka Direct Flight by Air India

Air India, the national flag bearing carrier of India, is taking the people-to-people contacts between the two countries to new high by providing the direct flight from Delhi to Dhaka. This comes in the wake of the longstanding demand of the people of two countries who seek to deepen their ties by developing commercial relations. As a symbolic gesture, the first flight has come at the launch of IndiaShow, a conference started by the Bangladesh business fraternity for exploring the avenues of increasing and deepening the commercial ties.

The only other airline which offers a direct Delhi to Dhaka flight is Jet Airways. Interestingly, Dhaka, as an aviation destination, has not yet been touched by any direct flight from the cheap air tickets providing low-cost carriers in India. The Delhi-Dhaka flight from Air India, AI 0231, will leave Delhi at 0545 hours and reach Dhaka at 0845 hours, a precise 3 hour journey. The return flight, AI 0232, will leave Dhaka after one hour, at 0945 hours, and reach Delhi at 1145 hours.

Jet airways flights are operated in the afternoon. Jet flight no. 0272 leaves Delhi at 1230 hours and reaches Dhaka at 1530 hours. The return flight 0271, from Dhaka to Delhi happens in morning at 0920 hours to 1130 hours. Since both the carriers are the full service carriers, the tickets for the customers might not be as cheap as the LCCs might have provided had they chosen to fly direct cheap international flights between these two destinations.

Besides Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai are the only two other cities which have non-stop flights to Dhaka. From Kolkata, Jet Airways, Biman Airways and United Airways operate the flight which is almost of 1 hour duration. From Mumbai, Dhaka is connected only by Jet Airways by a 3 hour time duration flight.

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