IndiGo Airlines: A No-Nonsense Approach To Aviation

Almost everything that IndiGo Airlines does makes a top aviation news. An airline which has become a market leader and the most successful airline in a span of less than 10 years, has been the case study on how efficiencies can lead to profitability. Indigo will be flying on as many as 33 destinations with its fleet of 61 Airbus A320 aircraft, which is 85 percent of its capacity, by the end of 2012, with certainty of remaining profitable for this financial year as well. IndiGo operates 373 cheap flights on daily basis. It is now planning to fly the international flights from the Kolkata Airport and connect this city with Kathmandu, Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai.

With Kingfisher out of the fray in the Indian market, which caused a shortage of seats, IndiGo was still able to provide the lowest air fare because it has been adding more aircraft to its fleet in order to make for short supply of seats. In December it is likely to receive another 10 aircraft and the next two years, this figure will jump by another 30 airplanes. However, it also plans to reduce its fleet by writing off some old aircrafts so that the expenses on their maintenance can be avoided and the fleet average age remains low.

Another instance of its no-nonsense approach is that it maintains on its rolls less than 100 people whereas the industry standard is of 125 to 400 people. Further, the airlines while paying the same salaries to employees, same fuel prices and airport charges, still remains profitable because it cuts down massively on expenses of posh offices and travelling in big luxury cars. With hard focus on the right basics of a no-frills aviation approach, IndiGo’s is also a no-nonsense approach.

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