Tripadvisor Survey Makes IndiGo Airlines Hot Favorite

Accolades for Indigo Airlines seem to be flowing from all directions and quite justifiably so, because the airlines has come from nowhere to become the market leader in domestic sector and earned a reputation which no other airline, not even the deep-pocketed and the longest serving airlines, have been able to achieve. The only Indian carrier, providing the lowest air fare, has remained profitable in the last financial and is expected to remain so in the current one as well. As per a recent survey from the top rating service provider of travel products, TripAdvisor, IndiGo Airlines has emerged as the most Favorite Domestic Airline of the Indians.

With Kingfisher, the two time winner of this award, no longer in picture, it was Indigo or Jet Airways which were to be the prime contenders. It shall, however, be mentioned that the Jet is the most liked for its in-flight comfort and service parameters. Jet is also rated the best for its website experience and safety. However, it is IndiGo which takes the lead by a small margin.

The small margin of victory for IndiGo in the survey reflects that the customers are not just banking on low cost domestic or the cheap international flights from IndiGo but also on in-flight comfort levels which are being provided by the full service carriers. This survey is a pointer to the customer expectations and the changing moods of the aviation market in the country. These surveys can also be pointer to the airlines on what they need to do in order to beat the other competitors by bigger margins. Viewed in that light, the importance of this survey findings increase as IndiGo just cannot rest on the laurels achieved at this time as Jet is fast closing the gap to becoming Favorite Domestic Airline of India.

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