Udaipur Airport Ready for Domestic and International Flights

Udaipur, famed for its wonderful forts, palaces and lakes, is the city which received a good number of tourists who come to see its historic monuments, thriving bazaars and the amazing architectures of the buildings. The City of Lakes has long felt the need of having an international airport which would permit it to receive the tourists directly from the foreign lands, without them having to land first at other nearby airports. This requirement is now met as the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has prepared a totally new airport terminal with a runway that will be 9000 ft in length, meeting a crucial need of flying the international flights by the international airlines which require a runway length of 9000 ft for their operations.

The new Udaipur Airport terminal is the first one in a series of such airport development plans undertaken by the AAI for 35 non-metro airports in different parts of the country. This is also in keeping with the government policy of developing or modernizing the airports as a measure of boosting airport infrastructure for increasing the tourism in different parts of the country. The new airport terminal has a handling capacity of 40 daily flights including cheap flights from domestic LCCs and the luxury flights from full service carriers.

With this move, it is expected that the major national and international carriers would be able to operate more flights to the city from the different existing and new destinations. It will also serve as connecting point on various airline routes and as an alternative airport for Jodhpur, Sanganer, SVP International Airport, Indore Airport and Baroda Airport.

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