With Market Share in Sight, Air India Offers Cheap Air Tickets For Advance Flight Booking

If you are one among the league of people who plan their travel early and book the flights in advance, then the mega savings are there for the taking on the Air India flights that are booked 30 days in advance. The carrier, which has seen its market share shrunk significantly and the private players like the IndiGo Airlines and Jet Airways have moved ahead on this metric, is keen on recovering the lost ground and getting back the passengers which it had lost to the others. And, the prime tool being used by it is the offer of massive discounts of up to 40 percent on the air tickets which are booked 30 days in advance. The cheap air tickets have always proved to be an effective tool in winning back the passengers and pulling the new ones because India is a price-sensitive market.

IndiGo is a major challenger this time for Air India since it is an LCC, a low cost carrier, which knows the art of pulling customers with its services, the most important of which is the punctual operations. If Air India is to mark once again as a premier airliner of India, it has to beat this formidable challenge from IndiGo, both on the front of punctuality and the offering of cheap flights, international or domestic. The past record of employee satisfaction with the airline has been rather dismal and it will take a good amount of services for a good period of time for the customers to come to terms with this reality. And, Air India will have to keep its house in order without troubling the passengers again due to their internal issues.

The recent hikes in the air fares by the private airlines have created hassles for the passengers, prompting a flurry of complaints which led to the ordering of investigation by the Competition Commission of India. With Air India offering discounts at this time, the passengers are again expected to look towards the relevance of doing flight booking with the Maharaja yet again.

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