EU Dilemma: To Levy or Not To Levy The Carbon Emissions Tax

Everyone is concerned for the damage that the carbon emissions do the environment, but the European Union seems to have shot itself in the foot by taking unilateral decision to include the airlines into the Emissions Trading Scheme a few months back. The decision was to levy the tax on the emissions resulting from the airplanes which were either operating from within EU or were entering it from across its borders (from other countries). Further, there were provisions for putting the penalties on the airlines which failed to comply with the provisions. The scheme was meant to cover all the airlines, irrespective of their domestic countries. If the airlines were to comply with these provisions, then the first impact would be the increase in the charges of the other cheap international flights. However, the immense opposition to the rule comes from nations across the world, from US to China, on account of the following concerns:

Challenge To The Sovereign Rights Of The Nation

The ruling from EU is said to have the effect of challenging the sovereignty of nations since it targets the airlines of other countries of the world as well, without any respect or common understanding with the other countries of the world. This has raised the hackle of many countries around the world who feel that is a challenge to their sovereignty. In US, a Bill has been passed by the House of Representatives to ban all US airlines from complying with the decision of EU.

Unilateral Decision

Though the role of aviation sectors in polluting the environment has been in talks at the international bodies, the EU decision to make a law on it without arriving at some common understanding or consensus among member nations even as it directly affects the airlines of other countries is something which is not going down well with many countries of the world.

Discriminatory provisions

The experts have also pointed out that there are certain other provisions of the ruling which are inconsistent and discriminatory. They point out that the airlines or airplanes flying out from certain destinations and flying into the EU might not attract the provisions of the ruling. This is inconsistent with the general provisions of the law.

The airlines which provide the cheap air tickets flight booking to the people for flying into Europe and keep the economies of many countries kicking even in times of bad economic conditions prevailing there, feel that the retaliatory measures from other countries could result in further weakening of the economies.

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