Flight Booking During The Foggy Conditions

Fogs during the winter season are one such weather condition which is rued both by the airlines and by the passengers. As the winters set in, the airlines and the passengers be prepared to face the usual problems of flight delays and cancellation, refunds processing and the long lines of the passengers waiting at the airports for the take-offs. Faced with the prospects of cancellations and delays and expecting that most of the flight booking will be done during those times when the fogs are least likely to cause interruptions in flight schedule, the airlines are generally inclined to prices their tickets higher than the usual rates. So, there are less chances of getting the cheap flights as compared with the other, more flight-friendly weather conditions.

Most of the modern airports in the major cities of the world, wherever these foggy conditions exist, usually have the advanced landing and take-off navigation guiding instruments in place for the safe landing and take-off of the flights. However, even these might prove to be insufficient in the thick blanket of fog in and around the airport. So, how shall the passengers do the flight booking in these conditions? Some of the tips which can be given are:

  1. Opt for doing reservations during the noon or the afternoon flights. Fog is heaviest in the early morning and in night. So, one shall avoid reservations on flights of these times. When the sun sets in, the fog gets settled in due to its warmth. So, there are clearer skies around the noon and afternoon times, even till evenings.
  2. Listen to the weather forecasts. These forecasts can go wrong quite often but can still give you an idea of the weather conditions likely to prevail during the time when you intend to fly. The weather conditions can be known not only for the departure destinations but also for the arrival ones. You might have to scan the websites of meteorological departments or use the weather forecasting services of third parties to know these.
  3. Another important point to note is that you can expect most of reservations to be done during those times when the skies are generally expected to be clear. So, there will be a heavy demand for the flight tickets of that period. Therefore, you need to book as much as early as you possibly can.
  4. Do not expect too much reduction in fare. Since cheap flights might not be easy to find during this season, you shall not keep waiting. If the fares look reasonable and the redemption of rewards miles is possible, booking shall be done.
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