Perishability Of The Cheap Air Tickets

Do you know that the cheap air tickets are the perishable products? In the airlines industry it is quite commonly acknowledged that the aircraft seats are perishable products. For that matter, the same can be said to be true for the buses or any other modes of transport for which the seats are offered to the customer after they buy or do the booking of the same. The perishability of the airline seats is due to the fact that these get continually consumed up as more and more flight booking is done. But, do these go waste when these are not used up as is the most common happening with the perishable products? The meaning of the word ‘waste’ is not literal in this respect and it could mean lying vacant while the plane takes off.  This could also be indicated by reverse of the seat- factor or the load- factor which shows the occupancy levels of the airline. It shall be noted that there is no airline which shows a 100 percent seat factor which shows clearly that the occupancy levels are less than 100 percent, meaning thereby that the vacant seats are perishable.

Another aspect of perishability is transferability. The cheap air tickets which you bought in your name can not be transferred to the other people. So, if you choose not to travel by putting up a no-show, the plane will rather fly with a vacant seat or sell another ticket with the cheapest rates at the last minute. So, your seat will get perished. If there are no takers for the seats, even the whole flights might be cancelled in which case all the seats will perish and the tickets prices will be refunded, if the flight booking has been done by the people earlier.

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