Do not have a restricted vision for cheap flights only for your travel

Do you ever check what would be the prices of the train tickets which you might have to use or find out the taxi or bus fares before embarking on the journey? I have seen people looking frenetically for the cheap flights, spending hours on the internet and making calls to contacts, airlines and agencies to get the least cost flight booking done. Unfortunately, I have not seen so much of enthusiasm in people to know what are the prices of the other modes of transport which they have to take after alighting from the plane and use on daily basis for their travel?

If you have to spend a few days at a destination or hop from one place to another on other modes of transport, you might end up paying more rather than saving the money. This is one aspect which is conveniently overlooked by the people before initiating the journey. The people shall examine the pros and cons of taking the various modes of transport such as waterways, railways and road-based transport. The factors which can form a part of this analysis is the availability of transport, frequency and time of operation, safety and security en route as well as in the transport and of course, the prices. This analysis is particularly helpful if you have to travel a lot during your trip using these mediums.

So, by having only a myopic view focused on cheap flights and a poor plan of utilizing the available modes of transport, you actually stand to lose more than what you might gain on savings done on flight booking.

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