Polar route benefits for cheap international flights

The person who first devised taking the polar routes for the civilian flights did a remarkable path-breaking work. It catapulted aviation to an altogether new level with the cheap international flights now possible for the trans-continental flights. Well, it is also true that this has been possible because of the development of new generation of aircraft which are technologically advanced and can also bear the rigours of flying through the polar routes. So, both these developments have ushered in an era of providing cheap flight booking facilities for the international flights.

The biggest saving is of the time and of the fuel. On the long-haul flights, the people are just too willing to land as early as possible to their destinations. For this reason, they take the flights which are faster than the others or take the polar routes since the latter provides the short cut. When the airplanes fly the normal course, without taking the polar route, there is good level of friction to be encountered which is created by the winds. This works to slow down the speed of the aircraft and consequently, the passengers take longer to disembark from the airplane. The air is thin at the poles and its less density makes it possible to travel at faster speeds.

In the non-polar routes, if the airplanes are flowing in the jet stream zones and in the direction of its flow, then the air drift encountered in considerable. So, even the benefits of flying in the jet stream are reduced considerably in the non-polar routes. For this reason, the non-polar routes are more expensive to take than the polar cheap international flights.

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