Important Airline Rules to Check For The Cheap Flights Of Your Pets

When you are planning a travel to some other city within the country or outside, you are often in a fix on where to keep your pets. Not willing to leave these with any other person, you might prefer taking these along with you. So, what are the things that you need to know and to do in order to make it possible for the animals to be in the cheap flights along with you?

  1. Pet carriage rules vary from airline to airline. So, just make a check on your selected airline or airlines as to which animals are allowed to be carried and which ones are not. Normally, dogs and cats are allowed by most of the airlines on their domestic as well as international flights.
  2. For the destination country where you are taking these, you need to know what are their policy requirements for bringing in the pets from other countries? Different countries have different policies depending upon which countries the pets are being brought from. But, there are certain medical requirements with respect to vaccinations and medications, for which the certificate is required by the customs of the destination country.
  3. Guidelines of Airlines for carrying the pets as cabin or as checked-in baggage shall be carefully read. These shall be checked in advance of buying the air tickets since the reservations need to be informed about pet carriage well in advance of travel. Normally, the airlines:
  1. Have rules for carrying a particular number of pets in the cabin.\
  2. Have size limitations on the cabin pet carriers. Further, there might be a condition that the animal shall be able to stand, turn around and lie down naturally in the carrier.
  3. Also have age restrictions for the different types of pets.
  4. Require that the animals be kept in kennel when these are checked-in as baggage.
  5. Have detailed guidelines on whether the two pets can travel in same carrier and under what conditions.
  6. Have detailed list of dos and donts for the kennel size and construction in which the pet is to be kept as a checked-in baggage.
  7. Have heat and cold restrictions under which these do not allow pets to be carried in the aircraft.
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