ANA does its bit to end Myanmar isolation by operating cheap flights

Myanmar has long been ruled by the military junta and, for this reason of using the undemocratic way of functioning, it has been isolated by the world community since decades. But, things are changing for now as the junta takes a back seat and the democratic government embarks on political and economic reforms. As a result of these measures, the different countries including Japan has sought to invest in the economic field. And, as the beginning of the new cheap flights between two countries is a pointer to the increasing cooperation between the two countries, the same can be said for the increasing bonhomie between Myanmar and Japan where Japanese airlines, ANA, has begun to lowest air fare flights to that destination.

It is noteworthy that the resumption of flights comes after a long gap of 12 years. It was in 2000 that ANA operated its last flight to the country and, thereafter, stopping flying there due to economic instability. However, the growth of the country banking on its tourist potential and rich natural resources is considered to be the main driving force for the airlines to begin its operations. Increasing number of Japanese companies are showing interest in making investments and a number of Japanese tourists also want to visit this country on vacations.

ANA plans to tap this potential by soon by operating cheap flights seven days a week to Myanmar. It also has the plans to put the bigger carriers on the route. Though it is not operating the low cost carriers, providing the lowest air fare to tourists, for now, there are plans to do so in near future as the tourism to the country grows.

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