To print or not to print the air tickets?

Mobile-tickets based check-in system at the Indian airports has been in offing for quite some time now. Under this system, the passengers will not be required to take the print-outs of the air tickets. Rather, the SMS based mobile tickets will be shown at the airport for getting the boarding passes. A similar system has been introduced for the rail and the bus based tickets. But, for the air tickets the system has not yet been put into operation.

The main reason for this system not being in place till date is that the same has not yet been cleared by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) for use at the airport. Due to the concerns of terrorism and other security issues, the security services are yet to provide clearance to the use of SMS tickets in place of the printouts. However, if you ask the airline counters to provide you the print outs at the airports, you might have to pay extra fee of Rs 50 to Rs 100 for each print out of the ticket. Thus, it is better to take the print out from your home or office. This measure of taking the charges for print outs are more in nature of penalties for taking the print outs and are meant to discourage the passengers from taking these at the airport. Even the lowest air fare charging low-cost carriers have been charging these prices as these are considered an ancillary revenue stream.

A major benefit of these charges on air tickets has been that the queues which used to be pretty long are now almost non-existent. So, only the needy and the people in a hurry, who have forgotten to take a print can quickly and easily avail of this service.

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