Specialties of the Boeing Dreamliner 787

The Dreamliner 787 of Boeing has been acclaimed for its usefulness for civil aviation world over. What makes it different from the others? Let us summarize the main design features of this astonishing airline which aims to provide cheap flights to customers here:

  1. It is made up of light weight materials. Contrary to using aluminum which formed a major part of its body, the carbon-plastic composites are used for 50 percent of its body and 20 percent of aluminum. Rest is made up of titanium, steel and other materials.
  2. It comes in different variants of flight length. It can reach up to distances of 15,000 kms in a single fill.
  3. In the flight systems, this airline makes a marked departure from others as it uses new electrical architecture that replaces the bleed air and hydraulic power sources. The hot bleed air systems were used to prevent the accumulation of ice while flying on high altitudes but this has now been replaced with the electro-thermal heater mats.
  4. To take care of the maintenance of the aircraft, the 787 GoldCare program was launched by Boeing. It has been reported that the carbon composite material does not show visibly show the cracks and the weakening of body which raise the safety concerns. This special program is to take care of this special requirement of Dreamliners.
  5. The engines of the airplane (please note that there are two engines in every Dreamliner) are less noisy. There has been redesigning of the air-inlet sound absorbing materials and exhaust ducts.
  6. Engine interchangeability is another important feature of this airplane. It is compatible with two different models of engines which make it easier to change the engines when it is required to be done quickly.
  7. Cabin windows are larger than any other airplane current in operation or under development. Further, these are at a higher eye level which means that the passengers can easily see the horizon.
  8. Internal cabin pressure is same as the one which is experienced by a person at an altitude of 6000 feet. This is more than the one which is usually maintained comparable to the levels of 8000 feet.
  9. The inside humidity levels can be maintained depending upon the number of passengers. However, in general and on an average, there is an improvement in the amount of humidity experienced in the aircraft. Its level has been raised from 4 percent to 15 percent.
  10. Currently, there are only two variants of 787 on which you can do the flight booking, the 787-8 and 787-9.
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