What all to do for making India realize aviation potential by offering cheap air tickets?

All the talk related to the Indian aviation has essentially centered on the problems plaguing it. There have been talks of internal and external environmental factors which have been causing the problems but little is being said or is coming in the public domain on how to bring the aviation on track. India has a huge tourist potential which can be harnessed only by getting the civil aviation back on its feet. Civil aviation is not just a matter of offering the cheap air tickets but, at a macroscopic level, there is a lot which needs to be done to be able to bring it to its feet. Here are some of the observations from a layman’s perspective:

  1. Policy Level Changes: There is a need for carrying out the complete restructuring of the taxation regime on aviation inputs and remove the obstacles in their procurement. By taking measures which will reduce the costs of inputs, the government can facilitate the lowering of the prices of air tickets which will enable more people to take to flights. The policy measures also need to be so oriented that the airlines are encouraged to operate is the less attractive sectors which hold the potential for development.
  2. Aviation Infrastructure development: It is a fact that the aviation infrastructure in the country exists only in a few cities. In many other airports, there is a need to upgrade this infrastructure or to develop the altogether new ones. With the increase in infrastructure handling capacity, there will be boost to increased aviation and major limitation will be removed.
  3. Operational facilitation: The government can also help the carriers to increase their operational efficiency by developing technological aids which help in navigation, systems control and coordination and other functions associated directly with operations. By investing in research and development of aviation technologies, the government can bring about changes in cost reduction of flight tickets.


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