India now wakes up to join Star Alliance, nudges Lufthansa for Air India’s Case

Air India might be one of the regular loss-making government carriers, always being rescued by the government with fresh infusion of the funds, much to the dislike of the private players who are in similar position but this has not prevented the government from taking the national carrier to scale new heights, rather, flights. After the Middle East carriers slowly joining or announcing their plans to join the various airline alliances, Indian government seems to have woken up from the slumber and decided to re-invigorate its arrangement with Lufthansa Airlines for joining the Star Alliance.

It was some years back that Air India, the government owned international flights operator, pitched for joining the Star Alliance and also paid the membership money for the same. However, the persistent problems being faced by the Airlines which have badly affected its image made Lufthansa look more keenly towards the other international carrier from India, Jet Airways. Clearly feeling on a losing wicket, there have been a slew of overtures being made to Lufthansa for presenting the case of Air India forcefully for joining the grouping. The government is expectedly showering benefits on the German airliner to get the coveted favor. Though the government insists that it is not against the claims of the other private players presenting their respective cases for joining the grouping, it now seems quite keen to put the national carrier in the grouping.

Lufthansa has not yet responded to the overtures made by Air India as it seems to be more favorably inclined towards including the Jet Airways in its ambit. The people looking to do flight booking for newer destinations have to wait to see which of the two gets the first chance to join the grouping.

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