Differing views on airline alliances providing the cheap flights

The airlines alliances refer to the mutual cooperation between the various airlines of the world for the benefit of the customers and, quite naturally, themselves. There are quite a few airline alliances currently functional in the world such as Star Alliance, OneWorld Alliance and others. When these alliances were formed, these were seen to be promoting the good of the customers as they could now expect to get the cheap flights and travel with less procedural hassles. Further, the people could get some common set of benefits from the alliance members.

However, there are many experts who believe that the lowest air fare or other benefits which the customers were expected to get have become the dreams since the alliances work to meet the other objectives of more strategic nature. Over a period of time, these alliances have become popular brands. The priorities of these alliances have remained to prevent the entry of competitors in their routes or make it increasing difficult for them to operate. By focusing on this priority, these have missed out on providing the cheap flights to the customers.

Alliances have become the brands and these are not seen to provide much of benefits to the customers. By being the brands, these have deviated away from providing substantial benefits to the customers since these need to keep up their brand value. No wonder, that some of the alliance partners have found the going tough and there is fear of losing out their customers due to non-customer focus of the alliances. For this reason, some of the airlines have preferred to remain aloof and retain their independent decision making, rather than collective decision making.

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