Peculiarities of flight tickets

What makes the flight seats, the airline product with a difference? What are some of the interesting features which can be associated with it exclusively? For answering these questions, we list below some of the essential characteristics of the airplane seats for which you book the flight tickets. Some of these features are:

  1. Perishable product: Seats are perishable products in the sense that once a ticket is sold, it is not available to the others. Even if the flight tickets are not booked, the airplane is expected to fly on its scheduled time or the flight is cancelled which eventually prevents the inventory of seats from being sold. This makes the flight seats perishable in nature.
  2. Cannot be experienced before buying: There is no way that the customers can do fight booking after seeing the airplane interior in real. The access to the product is highly restricted and only the passengers and/or the crew gain access to it. For the common people, it is not possible to experience the product before booking and boarding it. You can see the interiors of the airplane in the photos and videos online, but the real experience is not possible till you actually get to board it.
  3. Volatile prices: Another peculiar feature of the seats is that the prices of the flight booking are volatile and these are not fixed. Full service carriers do present their fare charts well in advance for a specific time period and for particular sectors, but the LCCs can change their prices within matter of hours. So, price fluctuation can be considerable.
  4. Agencies command sales over owners (airlines): Airline seats are marketed and sold more by the agencies than the airlines themselves. This makes the product owners take a back seat to the agencies for the sale of their flight booking.
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