What does an interactive online route map tell you for flight booking purposes?

A route map, as the name suggests, tells you about the route which a particular airlines would be operating upon. These days the airline website provides the cartographic representation of the route map of all its flight destinations. Earlier, when the computers were not used, there were charts of the scheduled flights of the airlines, which provided the required information. These charts were also present with the agencies and the travel agents which they used to refer to while informing the customers about the flight destinations. In the present day, this information, which is required at the time of flight booking, is provided on the website and is very convenient to use.

The interactive route map on the website provides the following information:

  1. Geographical coverage of the flights: This tells us about which all cities the airlines flies in the domestic and the international sector. You can check whether the city you want to go to is covered by it or not.
  2. To how many cities is a particular city connected to? : This is another important information provided by the route maps. By clicking on any one city on the interactive route map, you are shown the destinations to which the city is connected by flights. You can know whether the flight is direct or it is a connecting flight.
  3. Nature of flights is also shown: By nature of flights, we mean that those flights which are code-share ones and also those which are being operated by the alliance partners. So, it provides comprehensive information on total geographical reach of the airline including the cities covered by its alliance partners. Before buying the air tickets, if you look at the route map, the different color lines will show you the different types of flights which the airline is operating on its routes. You can then make a choice on air tickets that you have to buy.

For correctly reading the information on the route map, it is important that you are conversant with the geographical location of the cities. Although the names are mentioned along with the dots which are used for representation of the cities, these often come up when the mouse is rolled over the destination. So, if you do not know where a particular city is, you might find it a little inconvenient to know where the mouse shall be rolled over in order to determine the city. For the airlines which are not having a busy route map, the names of the cities could be written next to the dots representing the same and, hence, the city can be located easily. But, this might not be true for the airlines which cover too many destinations.

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