Special requirements of airlines for providing cheap air tickets using Polar routes

Polar Regions are a relatively lesser flown territory due to the extreme cold climates of the region. There are many obvious benefits of using these routes as direct flights between the North American cities and Asian cities become possible which save the time, fuel and reduces the emissions. This facilitates providing cheap international air tickets to customers. However, for operating on these routes, the airlines and the regulators have to make certain special preparations. These can be broadly clubbed as under:

  1. All the carriers are required to provide a list of some alternate airports so that the ability to land at these airports under varying climatic conditions is not hampered.
  2. All carriers are also required to submit a recovery plan which would detail the unplanned diversions to other airports. Further, the carrier shall be able to demonstrate its ability to transport passengers and crew from that airplane to the other.
  3. All carriers are also required to have the system for analysis and monitoring of fuel temperature.
  4. FAA also requires high frequency communications systems on the carriers of this region. It requires voice, data and satellite connectivity.
  5. Besides these, these are special requirements of training the pilots and crew, requirements of crew with respect to carriages and packing and a number of other conditions which might be imposed for the safety of the passengers.

Despite these additional and special requirements for Polar routes which might have worked to raise the prices of the cheap air tickets, the savings on the front of fuels has been an overriding factor and goes in favour of providing the cheap international air tickets to customers.

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