Mapping the offline air tickets booking population segments

There are two ways in which you can book the air tickets. One is using the online medium and the other is using the retail stores of the travel agencies. While the online bookings of the cheap flights have picked up in the last few years, the agencies cannot ignore the importance of maintaining the retail stores for selling their products. By operating through the retail stores, the agencies seek to retain the advantage of the reach to the customers and be accessible to them. For meeting this objective, there is a need to map the segment of population which would prefer to use the offline medium to the online medium for air tickets booking.

Those who are not able to or willing to use the online medium, but have the disposable incomes to travel on flights, are the people who:

  1. Do not know how to work on computers. This means that they are not computer literate, or
  2. They know how to work on computers but are not aware of how to transact online. This means that they are not able to do ecommerce on the net. Or,
  3. They are quite capable of making online transactions but are not willing to do so since they are apprehensive about the way their personal data will be handled or are concerned about the security of their data.

It is this profile of the segment of population which is most likely to use the offline mediums such as retail stores of the agencies for cheap flights booking. Statistics can tell precisely how big are these segments of population? And, based on this assessment, one can figure out the extent to which the retail stores can drive the ticketing business and help the agencies to retain their influence on the airlines.

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