Take note of the flight cancellation data before booking cheap domestic air tickets

Flight cancellations do happen, due to reasons which may or may not be in the control of the airlines. For passengers looking to book flight tickets, the data on flight cancellations can tell which airline is the most reliable to fly with. For the Indian aviation
sector, this data about the flight record of domestic airlines holds a lot of importance due to the various problems faced by the airlines which lead to
frequent flight cancellations. The following table sums up the flight cancellation scenario in India.

Flight Cancellation Data for Period July 2011-July 2012

Name of Airline Total Flights Scheduled Flights Cancelled % of flights cancelled
Air India 106334 3604 3.4
Indigo 102571 303 0.3
Kingfisher Airlines 82610 2186 2.85
Jet Lite 41674 585 1.4
Jet Airways 143092 1214 0.8
Spicejet 87218 739 0.85
GoAir 29753 227 0.76

The data reflects that the

cheap domestic air tickets

offered by the IndiGo Airlines are the most likely to fly you whereas the ticket of Air India has the highest uncertainty for taking off. Most of the
flight cancellations that took place happened due to reasons of technical, operational and commercial problems. The flight cancellations for Air India and
Kingfisher Airlines were largely due to their continuing problems with the striking staff. Kingfisher Airlines flights were reduced in number as it stopped
flying on many sectors due to its continuing financial problems.

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