How do passengers benefit by flying on cheapest air tickets of code-share flights?

It is true that the airlines working under a code-share agreement are benefitted mutually. But, is the same also true for the passengers as well? What are the benefits which the passengers can derive from these types of flight arrangements? Is it not that the passengers rue flying on the code-share flights when they pay for the services of the marketing airlines at its prices? Let us examine some of the advantages which the cheapest air tickets for the code share flights have for the passengers.

The first important benefit is that the passengers are able to book the connecting flights to different destinations at a single source. They do not have to plan for and do the flight booking for lowest air fare at the different airlines. Further, the marketing airlines is likely to select those airlines which provides the same level of customer satisfaction as itself and would not let its brand image be diluted in the eyes of its passengers. Also, since the carrier airline might be operating in the niche segments providing the last leg connectivity, the passengers would be able to reach their destination without much hassles of first finding the airline, then ascertaining its credibility and then booking the connecting flights separately.

Another major benefit for the passengers is that the code share operating partner also honors the rewards programs of the marketing partner airline. So, if you have any free miles accumulated with the marketing carrier, these can be redeemed on the flights of operating carrier. This is a major benefit since it can amount to huge savings.

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