Methods of Domestic Flight Booking

Domestic air travel is different from the international one in a number of ways. You need visa and passport and a number of other documents for travelling to the other country which is not required in case of domestic travel. Further, there are not customs and immigration counters and therefore you are saved of the increased formalities and documentation required for passing through these channels. The domestic flight booking can be done in a number of ways. Broadly, there methods are categorized into two: online and offline methods.
The online methods to book flight tickets are usually using the internet medium and the devices such as mobiles or computers. This is generally done on the websites of the airlines or the agencies which provide the ticketing facility and a safe and secure ecommerce platform to transact money. This method is convenient to use and provides the flexibility of flights booking at any time and at any place.
The offline methods of domestic flight booking include using the telephone for calling the companies who would either send their representatives to complete the formalities or will do the online booking on your behalf. Another way of doing the flights reservations is to visit the retail store fronts of the company in your locality and meet the company staff face-to-face for booking the flight. Using this medium, you would be required to visit the store fronts of the retail offices of travel companies or their affiliates. This might be the only option for people who do not have the access to the internet or are not able to book flights due to unfamiliarity with the ecommerce platform.

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