Kingfisher Troubles Not Receding: Controversy Over Non Cancellation Of License

It was during the tenure of the previous DGCA of India, Mr. Bharat Bhushan, that the financial status and health of an airline was added as the parameter for cancellation of license of the airline. This condition was not in existence previously and had to be included since it was assumed that the airline having financial burden might not be a fit case for having the license and flying the planes. Kingfisher Airlines, the luxurious airline offering air tickets international, has been in financial muddle for the last one year and its operations have been crippled by the increased competition over the flight fare, non-payment of salaries, inability to service debt taken from lenders and frequent strikes by the pilots.

While many experts are of the considered view that the license of the airlines shall be cancelled and that its offline and online air ticket booking operations be terminated, some others believe that the airline shall be given more time to bring its house to order. Proponents of the license cancellation argue that the aftermath of long term financial troubles on the airline safety cannot be ignored and the passenger safety shall not be ignored. However, Kingfisher has argued that it has grounded the planes once the pilots began the strikes and that its planes are airworthy. Some people have even attributed Kingfisher Airlines ability to retain the license to its political linkages which, according to them, are saving this airline.

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