Lowest air fare, airline health and cheap flights booking

It is quite plausible that the airlines offer cheap flights to people in order to expand their operations to the new markets. Since the lowest air fare are considered to be the best bet for opening up the latent demand for air travel in the new markets, it is the most common strategy employed by the airlines for meeting their growth projections. So, in this case, the cheap flights being offered reflect the financial strength and the belief of the airline to succeed in its expansion plans to the new markets. However, there is another situation as well which would force the airline to offer the lowest air fare. This situation is when the financial condition of the airline is not good and when the airline has a bleak future.

For these two contrasting situations, it is important for the passengers to know what is driving the airlines to offer the cheap flights. If it is the latter situation of financial troubles and shrinking market share which is prompting the airlines to sell its seats cheap, it could well mean that your planning for travel has greater chances of being postponed or cancelled due to uncertainty over the flight schedule.

So, if you thought that only searching for cheap flights would make life easier and that you would be able to travel without any hassles, you might well be mistaken if care is not taken on flying on the right airline. Sometimes, the airlines which are taking a nose dive in revenues and are facing closure would like to make the last ditch effort to survive by offering the lowest air fare. But, the passengers might still be reluctant to buy its tickets and board it since they perceive that the financial crunch might have led to compromises on vital aspects of air travel.

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