Spicejet to begin flights to China and Riyadh

India’s low cost carrier, Spicejet, is expected to move to the international arena in a big way as it harbors the plans to connect Guangzhou, Riyadh, Male and Dhaka in near future. The flight tickets which were hitherto to be reserved for the domestic sector only would soon be available for reservation for these four destinations as well.

The number of Indians visiting Guangzhou has increased since it has been a famous business centre. Though the Indian carriers have not been very successful in the Chinese market in the past and had to terminate their operations, Spicejet expects to make a turnaround by launching the booking of Delhi-Guangzhou international air tickets from October.

Similarly, it is also expecting to begin the flights to the Saudi Capital, Riyadh in October. Further, its decision to fly to Dhaka is pending with the government and the same could be extended in future to Yangon in Myanmar.  Both Riyadh and Dhaka will be connected with Delhi. The people would be able to buy these international air tickets from October end and board from Delhi airport. However, it would be connecting the Maldives capital, Male, from Thiruvananthapuram using its small turbo aircraft.

The choice of these destinations is rather interesting since there are not the fiercely competitive sectors to fly. Spicejet has been using this strategy of flying to the new markets instead of clamoring for space in the established markets and this strategy seems to have guided its choice of destinations. It plans to open up the new markets and then maintain a leading role on these sectors.

Spicejet began its flight by first providing cheap domestic air tickets to passengers and then moving on to the international sectors after completion of the mandatory five year domestic flight period.

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