Airlines in India to pay hefty compensation for denied boarding

The airlines in India are going to have a tough time ahead since there has been a recent move to impose hefty compensation sums for denying the boarding to passengers who have the confirmed tickets and have arrived in the plane at appropriate time. If that move is taken to its logical conclusion, the airlines will have to shell out Rs 2000 per domestic or international air tickets in most of the cases. This move will also bring about a change in the way in which the compensation charges are determined. These will not be fixed anymore and will change with the change of the price of cheap flight tickets. The need for evolving such a mechanism was long overdue in order to make it more equitable in the light of changing prices of air tickets.

The prices of the international air tickets and the domestic ones have changed a long way since 2009, the time when the compensation charges were last revised. Since then there has not been any revision, it has caused a lot of problem to the passengers who have been denied boarding on confirmed tickets for no fault of their own and have also suffered due to reduced compensation amounts.

Another reason behind this move is that the airlines have also hiked the charges to be paid for no show and rescheduling of the flights in order to increase their additional incomes, which does not come from the sale of tickets. So, if the airline can increase the charges and penalize the passengers for their mistakes, the passengers also have an equivalent right to demand compensation which is commensurate with the going prices of the cheap flight tickets. The airlines, which are already struggling to survive, might have to bite the tough nut if the government has its way.


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