What does the trend of International flight booking indicate at macro level?

International Flight Booking


International flight booking is done essentially for business or for the leisurely travel. These are the two broadest categories into which most of the air travel business can be segments. But, besides these two main objectives which are served by the cheapest air tickets for international destinations, the data of bookings can be analyzed to derive other conclusions. Some of these are:

1.Trends of economic growth: The first and foremost pointer provided is that of the economic growth of the country. Quite naturally, a rise in the number of bookings could mean that there the countries are witnessing economic growth which requires increase global collaborations.

2.Extent of liberalization and openness of an economy: The trends in the sale of cheapest air tickets also indicate how open is the economy of a country and how well integrated it is with the other countries of the world. The more liberal and open a country is for global businesses, the more are the international flight booking instances and this indicates the extent of economic openness.

3.Trends of people movement on short and long term basis and its effect on the demographics of the concerned countries: Another important indication of increase in international flight booking is the movement of the people from one place to another. The more is the movement, the more are the flight bookings on that route. This also indicative of the relations between the two countries. Further, it can also help in identifying what effect it will have on the demographics of the countries in the short and long terms in the light of the immigration and emigration policies of the governments of the countries.

4.Ability to harness the tourist potential: Besides the economic evaluation, the sale of the cheapest air tickets on international routes also indicates the extent to which the tourist potential of a country is being harnessed successfully.
These are some of the common indications provided by the international flight booking.

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