Search Resource Limitation for Finding the Flight Status Information

How do you find the cheap air tickets? You would probably ask your friends, call up the airline or agency offices or even dig through the internet resources to find the best offers being provided by the airlines or agencies. At the end of the search exercise, you would book the cheap air tickets and proceed with your travel plans. However, when it comes to checking the flight status, there are severe limitations with respect to the real time data that you can find on the internet resources.

While it is true that the flights are tracked using the satellites and there is information on their whereabouts on real-time basis, but this information essentially lies either with the airlines or the airports which displays the same on its electronic boards. Another important point to note here is that the airport information on flight status would not tell the place where the flight is but it will only inform whether the flight would be delayed or will be on time and might even provide information on how much delay is going to happen. So, even the flight status provided in limited in scope, only to help the passengers and the people waiting for them to plan their activities before the plane lands or takes off.

So, while you can find the cheap air tickets online from many resources, the information about the flight status is best obtained by calling the airport enquiry or the airline office. It is important to differentiate between the flight schedule and the flight status since the former is fixed and not liable to change. Further, schedule can be known from many resources.

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