How to negotiate with the agencies for the cheap air tickets?

People would recommend you to make the online searches for the cheap air tickets. This is definitely one of the media to ascertain who is selling the low cost tickets. It is also a fact that using the online medium, you are not able to negotiate the prices with the agencies though it is a lot more convenient to do flight booking using it. By providing the sale of cheap air tickets online, the agencies and airlines want you to buy the tickets at the display prices and would prefer to avoid the endless negotiations with everyone. However, you shall try your chances at getting the discounted prices by calling their call centers and speaking to them about these. However, it shall be noted that the over-the-phone talks shall also be put in the email communication.
For The First Time Service Takers

If you are taking the services of the airlines or agencies for the first time, then you can tell that the reason for making the shift from the other service providers is that the prices of your agency are generally considered to be better than the others. Further, you can even ask them about the limited stock inventories which they sell for less than display prices. You can also negotiate by telling the agency what the other service providers are offering. However, you must be able to provide comprehensive information to the agency on what the others might be offering.
For The Regular Travelers

Regular travelers do hold a better advantage at negotiations since the airline or the agency knows that this particular customer has been loyal at using their services of flight booking. So, in order to retain the customer, the agency would be willing to provide better rates than what are being displayed. However, it is to be noted that you shall be able to emphatically bring this to their notice otherwise the agency might take your request for granted.
The method of negotiations shall used in conjunction with other methods of finding the cheap air tickets such as searching for lowest air fares, redeeming rewards points, making flexible plans for travel and other commonly used means and methods.

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