Airlines Software Glitches Produce Windfall Profits And Losses

Online platform has eased the airline seat booking process. There have been many benefits of using this platform but, at the same time there have been occasional glitches much to the embarrassment of the airlines that have led to inadvertent windfall profits and losses. Naturally, the airlines windfalls are losses of customers and the airlines losses are gains for the customers. In the recent months, there have been quite a few instances where mistakes and technical problems have led to passengers being benefited on booking cheap flight tickets.

The most recent is the case of El Al Airlines of Israel whose website erroneously showed the prices of
cheap flights from New York to Tel Aviv to be $350, a straight 75 percent off from the usual going rate. The opportunity was pounced upon by many people looking to travel to Tel Aviv and the word was fast spread around. This resulted in many people booking the cheap flight tickets even with their families during the time period for which this offer was live. The airline has said that it will keep its commitment, even if it was caused by a mistake.

The second instance of this glitch happening in the recent times is that of United Airlines. In this case, there was a programming error which provided trips to, through or from Hong Kong priced for the prices of only 4 miles. In actual situation, it will take about 60000 mileage points to pay for a round trip from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. The airline has ordered cancellation of all the booked but unused tickets. However, this measure of cancelling the tickets has been taken up with the Department of Transport which is likely to give its judgment in favor of customers.

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