Experiencing The Cheap Flights On Indigo Airlines

Indigo has made rapid strides as a low cost airline and it has progressed to become the largest market share holder amongst the scheduled domestic airlines of India that remain focused on providing cheap air tickets with their niche business model and the only Indian airlines to have booked profit in 2012. It is curious for many people to know how the Indigo airlines operates and what type of in-flight experience do the customers get on its cheap flights.

The first thing that strikes the customers is the neat and clean cabin with 3-3 seating configuration with a middle pathway. That Indigo lays a lot of emphasis on cleanliness is quite evident in the dust and stains free seats well furnished with linen. Also, there are no luxurious seating spaces, the space is sufficient enough for comfortable seating with legs resting on the ground and a bit stretchable forward. The legroom is sufficient for a slightly overweight person to sit comfortably. The interiors might not be great but the interior lighting does provide a good aesthetic appeal.  Further, there is a distinctly purplish-blue or indigo hue given to the seats which goes well with the ivory-coloured contrasting hues of the cabin.

Being a no-frills service provider that provides cheap air tickets, there is nothing much that you would expect in terms of meals being served. You have to buy the eatables on-board and even there you have a limited choice since full meals are generally not served and it is only heavy snacks that you would get. The otherwise cheap flights of Indigo become a little dearer if you order for the eatables. And, there is nothing in the name of in-flight entertainment. Since the flights are for short time period of a maximum of 3-4 hours only and the need of operational efficiency to provide cheap flights to customers, the entertainment systems are not considered viable with the business model.

The flight stewards are well dressed and groomed. The way they attend to the customers tells a lot about the extremely professional training that they have received. Despite being a low cost airline, Indigo airlines does not compromise with the essentials of the customer service and a good in-flight experience, though it does stick to its business model strongly.

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