Booming Indonesian Aviation Causing Safety Concerns

That the safety of the aircraft is of paramount importance is undisputable. The competition for providing cheap international flights or domestic flights shall not result in overlooking of safety concerns. Therefore, there can be no compromise on the investments that are deemed necessary for maintaining the safety of the aircraft. Indonesian aviation, which has been very successful in tiding over its bad track record of aircraft safety that saw it being blacklisted by Europe, is now again facing the prospect of degrading civil aviation safety once again. What are the reasons which are leading to this situation and what are the possible solutions for this so that the cheap international flights do not again become a safety issue?

Many experts believe that the laws and regulations relating to the formation of aviation companies are pretty lax which has paved the way for many small airlines to be formed. This increase in the number of airplanes is not a problem in itself provided

these are properly managed. However, the development of the infrastructure has not kept pace with the growth in airline industry. And, this is the precise cause of concern relating to the safety of the aircraft. Due to this lack of infrastructure, shortage of trained technicians, maintenance professionals and inappropriate technological upgrading, which is essential for maintaining safety, there are again the looming prospects of degrading safety standards. There is a need for more runways and airports, better airport facilities and technologies and trained and skilled manpower.

While the bigger airlines which operate the domestic and the international flights can muster the funds and resources to invest in infrastructure, it is the smaller airlines operating in the domestic market which might encounter problem in funding for the training of its staff, upgrading the fleet with new technology and taking other measures which are essential for safety.

Indonesian aviation growth has been one of the fastest in the region. The overall economic growth of the country has led to the creation of a large middle class which wants to travel. Further, the geography of Indonesia, that has thousands of islands, is also a contributing factor to the growth in demand for travel to these islands but being hindrances in the development of viable infrastructure.

The solution to the problem lies in the development of proper infrastructure by large scale funding and creation of training facilities for the staff. With aviation growing at fast pace and the country having much to offer to tourists, both the airlines and the government are well aware of the need to provide cheap air tickets as well as complete safety to the passengers.

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