Indigo Airlines: The Only Silver Lining in Indian Skies

Indigo Airlines is a low-cost carrier (LCC) of India which provides the cheap air tickets to destination in India and in the neighboring countries. Being one among some other Indian LCC airlines, Indigo Airlines has carved out a special place for itself in the Indian market. In a market which is not considered particularly profitable for many airlines to operate, Indigo has been the only silver lining. This year, Indigo Airlines is the only Indian airlines to have posted a profit in the current financial year, with all other airlines registering losses, accumulating up to Rs10000 crores.
The achievement of Indigo is solely on the basis of efficient performance which makes it possible for it to provide the cheap air tickets to the customers on domestic and international flights. Indigo Airlines has an impressive track record of being punctual, a service feature which is desired by all travelers, whether they are vacationers or business persons. For this reason, it is preferred for booking the flights.
It has also been able to tide over its operational losses due to better management of its on-ground and in-flight operations. This has resulted in lower instances of flight delays, loss of baggage or other such instances which are causes of considerable loss to the airlines. Further, the on-board sale of eatables gives it additional income. Another important reason for this achievement of Indigo is the
The airline has set up an example to show how the LCCs, by operating efficiently in all the functions of their business and by continuing to provide cheap air tickets, can become profitable even in the Indian conditions.

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