Book Flight Ticket Online for a Faster and Simpler Experience

In recent time, booking a flight ticket from the comfort of your homes has become easier with travel portals offering a more customized service. There are a number of websites, which offer a list of all possible flights to major destinations, along with their routes, stoppages and prices. Gone are those days, when flight booking meant a travel to the airport each time. Now, tickets are available online, and travellers can make a selection according to their travel schedule.

Check your options

Online booking of tickets is extremely easy, and a little knowledge of internet is what is mainly required. Booking online essentially means that there will a number of options to choose from. In most cases, websites combine the best travel options as per the destination chosen with the most affordable rates. Frequent international flyers recommended to book flight tickets at international airlines only after a research on types of flights available, seat availability, in-flight services and other factors. Obviously, when you are paying a sum for the travel, you would want the services to be at par with it, if not better.

A valid email-id and a credit/debit card is the only thing you require

Before booking a ticket online, it is advisable to check that you have a valid email address and a running credit or debit card. Most popular websites, in the course of booking a ticket send a confirmation mail or a confirmation link to you mail inbox. Also, travel portals give option to make your payment through your debit or credit card. A common mistake, which is committed by people, is overlooking the expiry date on the card. It is highly advisable to carry the same card while travelling in case it is asked for any verification process. Travel portals have simplified travel by flights, and more and more people are opting for online flight bookings. So this is easy to get cheap international tickets with little effort.

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Indigo Airline: Leading the Way in the Domestic Aviation Sector

Stop worrying about air booking as there a number of online travel portals at your service. These websites bring you the most comprehensive list of airlines and their routes, along with ticket availability. With careful observation and thorough browsing, you are sure to strike on the best deal, which otherwise would have burnt a hole in your pocket. It is sometimes difficult to find out the best flights to a particular destination and this is where these travel portals are of great help providing you with every intricate detail about flights status.

Rise of Private Flight Services

In recent years, there has been a huge rise in the number of airlines in the country. With one government owned airline, three private full-time airlines and five low-cost carriers, travellers today have a lot of options to choose from. Among the low-cost carriers, Indigo Airline is considered to have made a surge ahead among its contemporaries. This is evident from the fact that it was the only airline in India, which posted a net positive income for the financial year of 2012-2013. As per reports of Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA), this carrier posted a net income of $100-110 million.

Flight Booking

With the increased competition in the aviation industry, all airlines are aiming to provide best services at an affordable price. Indigo has made a remarkable impact in this field with Indigo flight booking, which is not only cheap but also offers customers a satisfactory experience on-board. Special discounts are always offered by the carrier to give passengers optimum travel benefits. Though the airline is relatively new to the aviation industry, it has been able to capture formidable ground in the market, thus making its mark both in terms of customer base and revenue generated as observed in its financial year profit when others are finding it hard to hold their grounds.

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Best In-flight Services at Lowest Air Fare

Low air fare does not always mean that you will have no in-flight services at all. Some of the most popular airlines round the globe are known for their premium services inside the flight at a modest rate. In fact, with the growing competition these days, most airlines try to outdo each other in terms of cheap air tickets with best customer services.

Complimentary In-Flight Meals

In long distance flights, airlines often provide complimentary meal services. This allows passengers to choose the type of food they would like to have on-board, right at the time of booking tickets. On most flights, there is option for all the three types of food-service, breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on the time of travel. Some sophisticated flights also have the added facility to have a mid-flight snack. Those flights, which do not give complimentary meal services, offer an on-board buy-your-meal programme. This ensures that you do not stay hungry while travelling in international airlines.

In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment services are also taken good care of by most international airlines. In most flights, magazines, shopping catalogues and promotional literature are provided to passengers. Many airlines come with the additional entertainment opportunity of watching selected movies on monitors mounted on the back of a seat.

New-age Services

Some advanced options are also believed to be introduced as part of the services to travelers. These include super fast Wi-Fi internet, which is quite helpful to those professionals who always need to stay connected. Also, nanny-on-board service ensures that you do not have a troubling time to manage your infant. These trained nannies take care of babies ensuring that mothers have a comfortable flight. Truly, low fare flights have come a long way from offering only seats in the past to new advanced services of today which made ease and comfortable of international travel.

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Fundamentals of Low Air Fare

Ever wondered why the air fare keeps changing so often? Why is it that you find that the price of the ticket you checked yesterday has a different price today? Why is it that you always have a wrong assumption about the price of tickets more often than not? All your answers get answered if you understand the few basic things. After that, no one can stop you from getting the lowest air fare each time you travel in international airlines.

Same Seats, Different Price

You must have wondered about the fact why same seats in an aircraft often sport a different price tag in most airlines. This is actually what an airline does to sum up the maximum revenue from a particular international flight schedules. Most airline comprise of two types of people. One, who will board the flight no matter what the price of a ticket, might be. The second is that group of people who will choose a flight only if the price is right. Generally, the aircraft gets a majority of the second group people and a small chunk of the first.

The biggest trick for the airlines lies in to fix the price of the seats in such a way so as to accommodate a certain number of people from both the groups leading to a maximum income possible. This makes them fix price of seats in an airline at variable amounts. Now, the number and type of people travelling each day vary all the time, more so in cheap international flights. This leads to a severe permutation and combination by an airline leading to price hike and fall.

This is the fundamental reason of change in ticket price everyday. If you are careful enough to understand the type of people about to travel in your flight, you can easily estimate the price fixed by a carrier for its seats. Simultaneously, it will become easier for you to get cheap tickets.

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Travelling India with Go Air Flight Booking

Be it domestic or international flights, they serve a major purpose in the fast-paced world. With time being an important factor in modern day, it has become more and more crucial to do more work in a short span of time. People need to travel to every nook and corner of the world within the shortest possible time. Domestic flights in a way serve the important purpose of travelling between two cities in the lowest possible time that might otherwise be connected by road or rail, which takes more time when compared. People who avail domestic flights are always on the lookout for cheap domestic air tickets.

Low-cost Airline

Among the various domestic airlines in India, one such airline that offers cheap tickets is Go Air, which started its business almost 8 years back. It is based in Mumbai and was forayed by the famous Wadia Group. Go Air flights connect over 20 national cities with approximately 100 daily flights. However, it features a small fleet, which prevents it from running international flights. The airline offers economy class to its passengers. However, it does not give complimentary meal services, and a buy-in-flight meal services meets the purpose. Since flying time between two cities in India is not more than 2 hours in general, it refrains from providing meal service to its passengers.

Go Air flight fares are relatively cheap as it is one of the low-cost airlines operating in India. Booking is also easy with this airline, and Flyers have an option to book tickets online as well as at its airport counters. Go Air flight booking can be done with most online travel portals, enabling frequent flyers to book tickets from the comfort of their homes. Undoubtedly, the competition for domestic flight services is good, and yet this airline has maintained its ground and promises to grow its business in the future.

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Indigo booking and Travel Guidelines for Pregnant Women

When it comes to pregnant women, gynaecologists are often divided over their views on air travel – should they or shouldn’t they? Well, immaterial of what the doctors have to say, most airlines have their own travel guidelines for expecting mothers. Some allow mums-to-be to book flight tickets up to 27-28 weeks, while others even offer bookings up to 32 weeks of pregnancy. However, most of them demand a fit to fly certificate from doctors, which certifies and assures that they are safe to fly.

Popular airline company, IndiGo offers a specific travel guideline for such women. As per their rules, pregnant women can make a booking in case of normal pregnancies (sans the complications, of course). Mother-to-be can book tickets on IndiGo without a fit to fly certificate till the 27th week. However, post 27th week, they are entitled to make bookings only with a certificate from the doctor. Also, the airline states that the certificate should only be three days old and not beyond. Also, women who cross 32 weeks are not allowed to travel. Other than the week specifications, the rule states that such women should carry all their medical documents while flying.

Indigo bookingOther than the flight specifications, some gynaecologists suggest that travelling during the second trimester, i.e., 14-17 weeks is comparatively safe. However, they always suggest women should discuss their trip plans with their doctors and should never travel alone. So, if you are a mother-to-be, do not let your pregnancy stop you from flying. However, make sure that it should not harm your baby. After all, you have been waiting for this moment for so long, right? Make an IndiGo booking with travel websites in advance, consult your doctor and board a flight to reach your destination. Also, remember to point the cabin staff of your pregnancy as soon as you enter the airplane, so as to get undivided attention from them.

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Book International Flights to Sri Lanka to Make a Trip to the Sacred Adam Peak

Sri Lanka is an island country surrounded by the Indian Ocean with an area spanning over 65,610 km. The country is endowed with abundant natural resources with 25,000 water bodies, 350 waterfalls, 250 acres of botanical gardens, 500,000 acres of tea estates and 15 national parks. The history of colonial rule, trade and immigration from different parts of the world, resulted in the formation of various ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, each having their own religious traditions and language. Other than the majority of the Sinhala Buddhists, the population of this nation comprises of Sri Lankan Tamils, Muslims, Tamils of Indian origin, semi tribal Vaddas and Burghers. If you want to observe its diverse cultural landscape and rich heritage, you can plan a visit during holidays to this island nation, and you can look for international flights bound to this country on leading travel portals.

Adam Peak or Sri Pada

Sri Lankan culture dates back to more than 2,500 years and depicts tales of its richness through its splendid palaces, beautiful temples, planned cities, monasteries, monuments man-made reservoirs and sacred places like Adam Peak.

The 7,360 feet Adam Peak is shaped like a pyramid with a depression in its rocky summit resembling a huge footprint, treated with reverence as a sacred site. Buddhists identify it as the footprint of Buddha, while Hindus consider it to be of Shiva and Muslims as that of Adam. Also, it was regarded as that of St. Thomas, the Apostle, by the Portuguese. According to Buddhist legends, the departing Buddha imprinted this sacred footprint when he visited the country for the third time. The Muslim tradition has a belief that Adam, the first prophet, was thrown from Paradise due to his unruliness and stood on a foot while in penance at the top of this peak. If you wish to see this legendary peak, you can catch international airlines and make an online flight booking and reach the nearest airport to this place. If you wish to book tickets on cheaper rates, you can check for international air ticket booking on travel websites.

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